Saturday, April 27, 2013

Remember, Remember!

Adding a child to your family changes the dynamics quite a bit. I thought the change from having one kid to having two was a bit of a shock. I thought I could handle anything after that. Ha!

Having added another cute little bundle to our family almost seven months ago has thrown me for another loop. It took me almost a year to get used to a new routine and to feel like I had my head above water and not fighting to stay afloat. I think it's going to be that way with this one as well, but now instead of having one child bouncing here and there and everywhere while I try to take care of the baby, I'll have two very active children running pell-mell every which way, while fighting about everything and trying to blame it all on the new baby. Kids are so funny in what they say.

After putting my boys to bed tonight, I sat and watched them sleep. It was a very busy and trying day, but it was also full of fun, laughs and potty training successes. Sometimes it's best to sit back and enjoy each child's unique disposition, his/her strengths and what makes him/her tick. I don't know how I used to live without each of my boy's smiling faces, amazing senses of humor (even at 7 months), and awe for the world and how it all works.

I got my moment to reflect on how each of my boys is special, and on how much I love and truly need each and every one. J, my oldest, is so stinkin' smart! He keeps me on my toes and makes sure I give him accurate information. (He spouts all my answers to his questions to anyone who will listen.) N, my monkey in the middle, is a bundle of good humor. He is an imp who loves to play games and sing along with any song. And he quotes movies at random times throughout the day. It's pretty fun having him around. A, our newest angel, is the kind of third child I'd wish on anyone. He has the sweetest, most calm disposition EVER. He only cries if he's hungry, tired and or poopy...or if his brothers have been too rough with him, of course. He's saved me in many ways, and I'll ever be in his debt.

Love your children. Give them hugs. Remember what makes you love them. Don't beat yourself up about your failings or short-comings. You are a mom. You're doing your best. You're giving it your all. YOU ARE AMAZING! Take time to remember that.

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Hanna said...

There is a poem called "Crumbs" that was published in the New Era years ago that always tugs at my heart. Thanks for the reminder!